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Your Purpose Begins With God | How to Understand God's Purpose For My Life

Everything that was created was made by God. Our Creator stands alone. There’s none above Him and none beside His. He stands not only inside of creation but also on the outside of our very existence. Everything that was made was created with intentions and with purpose. And because everything was purposed, He also placed the seed of purpose on the inside of each and every last one of us.

In spite of what’s happening around us, God still has a perfect plan for mankind. There’s a purpose that is tailored to your specific design. The purpose of God is identity. If you want to learn how to live a purposed life, you must know who you are. Knowing your identity is important.

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Something to keep in mind, the purpose that’s on the inside of you is not about you. Although we get to experience the purpose of God manifesting in our life, that seed of purpose is for the nations. It’s for the world. It’s for our brothers and sisters. It’s all part of a greater plan that only God knows the ins and out. He knows every detail of your life and what He purposed you to do in the earth. If you’re breathing, you have purpose!

"If You're Breathing, You Have Purpose"

The purpose that’s on your life is greater than your own personal ideas and desires. It’s greater than every opinion, it’s even greater than your peace of mind and comfort. While God cares about every fiber of your being, understand when you pursue the purpose of God for your life, it’s going to cost you your life. Not in a physical way, but dying to your own desires and embracing the desires and plans of the Father.

Oftentimes what we feel our life purpose is, sometime gets entangled with the suggestions and opinions of the world. If we’re not careful, we find ourselves creating this idea of a purposed life, based on what’s trending or what our flesh is attracted to. Keep in mind, the flesh has its own desires while God has a known desire for us. For God knows the plans He has for us. It’s to prosper us!

When you adopt the ideas, trends, and opinions of the world, you end up creating a manufactured purpose. You create a purpose that has no substance. When the seed of purpose comes alive in you, God also protects and sustains that purpose.

When it comes to living a purposed life, I believe it’s safe to say we all asked the question of why were you placed on this earth. Understand you were born by His purpose and for a greater purpose. If you’re still asking yourself this question, Know that your purpose begins with God.

“Who am I” and “what was I created to do in the earth'' has puzzled so many people. This very question leaves many of our brothers and sisters paralyzed by decisions when it comes to choosing career fields, schools to attend, business ideas, and more. It leaves many of us questioning why do you exist.

This happens because we usually start our journey to finding purpose at the wrong starting point, which is ourselves. We tend to ask self-centered questions such as, “What do I want to be”, “What should I do with my life”, and “What are my dreams, vision, aspirations, and ambitions”. We fail to realize that it is God who drives and directs our life. Our life is in His power.

"Our Life Is In His Power"

Contrary to what many of our popular books, movies, and seminars tell us, you won’t find your purpose looking within yourself and at other people's lives. As mentioned before, your identity is tied to purpose. Identity is found in our Creator, the Most High God. When you understand who God is, He reveals to you who you are and what you're purposed to be on the earth.

We sometimes find ourselves trying to use God for our own self desires and actualization. We create plans for our life and attach God’s name to it, instead of asking God to reveal His perfect plan to us. Know that you were made By God, for His purpose. Therefore, when you invite the Holy spirit in, He begins to show you His desire for you, thorough dreams, visions, and even prophetic insight.

Many of the books we read about finding life purpose are considered “self-help” books. Those books usually approach life's purpose from a self-centered point of view. While some self-help books can help you set and reach goals, it’s not the same as living a purposed life. You can reach goals and find great success if you put your mind to it. But to discover life purpose requires a personal relationship with the One who created purpose.

Without a relationship with the Most High, you will never find fulfillment. Having an Intentional relationship with God is what allows you to live a purposed life and He protects the purpose on your life.

Understanding your life’s purpose is not about finding the right career, achieving your dreams, or planning your life. The purpose of God is all about becoming who and what God created you to be. When purpose comes alive in you, it impacts everything around you. It impacts the people around you.

Know that God is not only the starting point of your life, but He is the source of it. If we accept Him as the source of every part of our life, He also reveals Himself as the source of the purpose that’s on the inside of us. That means, everything that your purpose needs, He provides. God nurtures our purpose by connecting us to the right environment and with the right people

Something to take away from this article is, everything that was created was made by God. Our Creator stands alone. Everything that was made was created with intentions and with purpose. And because everything was purposed, He also placed the seed of purpose on the inside of each and every last one of us. Purpose doesn’t begin with us. Purpose starts with who God is.

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