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How to Walk in Healing | Faith Produces Wholeness

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I enjoy the story in the bible of the woman who had an issue of blood. If

you’re not familiar with the story, you can find it here: Mark 5:25-34.

Just to give you an overview of what took place, there was a woman who was bleeding for 12 long years. This wasn’t a small issue this woman was dealing with. How do I know this? The

scripture tells us that when she touched Jesus’ clothes, the fountain of her blood was

dried up. She spent all of your money searching for healing. I'm sure many of you may feel that you've spent a lot of your resources, hoping to find healing and wholeness.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen an actual fountain before. The flow of a

fountain runs none stop. My question when reading this story is how did she survive this kind of condition for 12 years, without bleeding to death?

I believe if the encounter with Jesus wouldn't have happened, she would’ve died. This tells me that there was an expiration on her condition. She just had to make it to the One who is

able to heal all diseases.

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with an issue for a long time. You might’ve been

holding a secret about what happened to you as a child. You have no idea when will

you tell the right person. You’re probably wondering when will you ever see the

light of day? I’m here to let you know that there’s an expiration on your suffering.

Matter of fact, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning, Psalm


Understand that your morning isn’t predicated on rather or not the natural

sun rises, but rather the fact that His actual Son has risen! Your morning shows up

the moment you make up in your mind that you will not allow your issue to define

your destiny. You will not allow the pains or traumas in your life to cause your heart

to bleed forever. The Master surgeon, which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is

here to cause your fountain to dry up.

All you need it one touch from our healer. One touch from Jehovah-Rapha!

For He is the God that heals you. Not only will He heal you from the brokenness of

your past but He will also clean up the pieces and make you whole. He will

completely transform you! I see Him even doing it for your NOW! Amen!

Lets take a look at the last statement Jesus made to the woman with an issue

of blood. After he asked His disciples “who touched me”, the woman spoke up. She

told Jesus that after she touched Him, she immediately felt healing flow through her

body. But what stands out to me was Jesus’ response. He said, “Your faith has made

you whole”.

"Understand that there’s a difference between healing and wholeness".

For healing is our portion, while wholeness is a process. How do I know this? Because

Isaiah 53:5 tells us that “by His stripes, we are healed”. This scripture is referring to

the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Although this scripture was written thousands of

years ago, the word “healed”, when it was written was past tense. In other words, it

was already done, before it was written! Your healing was already release at Jesus’


"All we have to do is catch up to it and align with it".

This scripture tells us that all we have to do is believe we’re healed through

faith, and watch how His healing virtue flow through us, just like the woman with

the issue of blood. While healing is already ours, what about wholeness? Jesus told

the woman “thou faith had made you whole”. I need you to really look at how

powerful this moment was for her.

As I mentioned before, wholeness is a process. But what Jesus did was perform something that typically take years to accomplish and caused it to happen in a split moment. Because God isn’t bound to our time, He reached in our time and pull wholeness from the future to her. This is so prophetic.

Perhaps you're in a place where you'er trying to learn how to navigate brokenness in marriage. You might've entered marriage broken by the trauma of your past. The same God who healed the woman with the issue of blood, is the same God who's able to heal your broken heart and also heal your marriage! We serve that kind of God!

What takes years for doctors to figure out, God already knows the answer to the problem.

Just like the woman with the issue of blood, God is going to perform a work in

you. He’s going to bring you clarity.

For some of you who experienced childhood traumas, God is going to not only bring healing and wholeness to you life but He’s going to also restore your years. I need you to trust the process. I promise you the best way to reach wholeness is by pressing into the presence of God, just as the woman with the issue of blood did. She didn’t care how she got to Him. She crawled and pressed her way to the Healer.

She didn’t settle for His presence alone, but she went a step further by touching a piece of His clothing.

Your faith will make you whole! Endure the process. This isn’t easy. But know God can and He will carry you through whatever you’re facing right now.


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