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God's Image vs. World Image | Life-Purpose Coaching

We’re living in a time where we’re surrounded by so many opinions and suggestions. When it comes to living your life like you want to, we find ourselves falling into the patterns of the world. Through trends and what is deemed popular, we make the choice of following societal norms.

Truth is, when you embrace the patterns of the world, what’s really happening, you find yourself aligning with the image of the world.

But what does God reveal to us about His image? While the world provides opinions and suggestions, God’s image remains constant.

His image is power and authority. In His image is where we find our identity.

The question is, who/what are you allowing to shape your identity? There is so much that shapes who we are. It’s important that we also understand that identity is perspective.

Identity is mindset. Our identity is also shaped by our environment. While all of these things can influence how we see ourselves, God has already established who He made us to be.

The problem we are facing is, so much is pulling us away from fully walking in who God designed us to be. We find ourselves giving in to the suggestions of the world. We’re chasing the false image of what the world presents to us.

The reality is, we were all made in His image as stated in Genesis 1:26 "Let Us make man in Our image”.

As stated before, the image of God is power and authority. In the image of God is where you discover your identity and begin to walk in the purpose of God for your life. Understand, the image that the world provides lacks power.

The moment you make us in your mind to embrace God’s image is when He begins to reveal to you His plans for your life. You will no longer have to figure out who and what you were purposed to do on the earth.

"Revolt World Image, Embrace God's Image, Change the World"

Perhaps you’ve been praying and asking God for direction. You might’ve even prayed and asked God for clarity. I believe the first step in revolting the world’s image is by challenging your perspective. This is something we talk about in our Image Coaching and Mentoring. We encourage our players (clients) to begin to challenge their thinking.

Something we ask our clients in our Image Coaching Program is, what do they feel is influencing their perspective? What is influencing the way you see yourself? What is influencing your sense of identity and purpose?

You would be surprised how many of us are living by the expectations and opinions of others. When you begin to become aware of what’s driving your life, you can then begin to intentionally align your life with the mind of God.

In our Image “MV-SOAR” Coaching Model, we focus on mindset. Throughout the process, we’re constantly asking our players “clients” thought provoking questions that can guide them to understanding their identity and life purpose, as it aligns with the Image of God.

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