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Marriage Course


Navigating Brokenness in Marriage $1997 ONLY ($147) 

Understand how to heal your marriage as it aligns with the image of God .


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Topics Covered:

Understand the root cause of brokenness

Improve communication in a broken marriage

Learn how to forgive and seek forgiveness

Identify resources for seeking help

Rebuild trust in a broken marriage

Create a plan for moving forward


Learn how to navigate brokennes in marriage. Learn how to align your entire life to the image of God. Revolt World Image, Embrace God's Image, Change the World.

Course Overview:

This course is designed to help couples navigate through the challenges of a broken marriage. It will provide practical tools and strategies to help couples work towards healing and restoration. The course will cover topics such as understanding brokenness in marriage, communication, forgiveness, seeking help, rebuilding trust, and moving forward

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