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"A community where we learn how to embrace our Power, Authority, and Identity"

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Embrace the IMAGE of God and Align with  PURPOSE. 

Embrace Your Inner Power.

In the Image of God is where you find your POWER. When our Creator decided to create us on purpose and with purpose, He made us in His POWER.

When you learn to unlock your inner power, things around you begin to respond. Every area of your life yields to the POWER you carry. When you walk into rooms, that invisible POWER shift atmospheres.

Not because of your own strength, but there's a Divine ability that the Most High placed on the inside of you. 

Our job is to help you unlock that POWER! Tapping into that Divine POWER will change your entire life. This is why we created Image Coaching Accountability & Purpose (ICAP)

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Walk In Divine Authority

Coach Sam Tolbert is the founder of Image of Coaching and Mentoring. He help clients learn how to navigate brokenness in marriage and learn how to align thier life purpose to the image of God. We teach you how to Revolt World Image, Embrace God's Image, and Change the World .

Coach Sam Tolbert provides Life Purpose and Marriage Coaching Programs to equip individuals and couples to uncover their true identity and purpose, create lasting relationships and live in alignment with the image of God. These programs are designed to provide you with the tools and strategies to help you become the best version of yourself. Through one-on-one sessions or group workshops, Coach Sam Tolbert will help you to gain clarity and confidence in your life and relationships.

Image Coaching and Mentoring


This journey has been amazing and life changing! When I first connected with the community, I was unsure and needed clarity for my life. I always knew there was greater inside of me but didn't know how to tap into it. I'm grateful and excited about my life! 

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The knowledge I've received from IMAGE  is mind blowing! Since joining, I've been able to walk into rooms with confidence and boldness because I've tapped into a power and Divine authority that's not of this world! 

Image by Etty Fidele


I'm better because of IMAGE Nation. I've never experienced anything like this! I've been apart of groups and gone to many conferences but it's different here.

Discover Your Identity.

Learn how to align with the image of God, so that you can discover your IDENTITY. Perhaps you're in a place where you what to understand you purpose. You've asked God what were you placed on this earth to do. 

Something we discuss in our community is the power of embracing who you were designed to be. We know that it's easier said than 
done. In order to understand your purpose, you must know who you are.  

We desire for you to not only embrace your inner power, and embrace your Divine authority, but to also discover who you were created to be, so that you can gain the confidence to accomplish your dreams. 

Loving a Fragile WomanNEW

Loving a Fragile Woman

In this book, I share my experience of how I had to navigate brokenness in marriage. How did we make it this far in our marriage? The traumas experienced in life was suppose to take us out. Instead of allowing brokenness to win, we chose to heal together. The purpose of "Loving a Fragile Woman" is to help married and engaged couples learn how to become intentional about the healing process. Truth is, your marriage can win! Let's heal together! Read More.


Samuel E. Tolbert (Coach Sam Tolbert) is the founder of Image Coaching and Mentoring and the author of "Loving a Fragile Woman" where he share his story of how he learned to navigate brokennes in marriage. He also learned how to align his marriage to the image of God.
Samuel E. Tolbert (Coach Sam Tolbert) is the founder of Image Coaching and Mentorin and the author of "Loving a Fragile Woman" where he share with his readers how he learned to navigate brokenness in marriage and align his marriage to the image of God.
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