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Life Purpose Course "Mindset" $47

  • 1Week
  • 1Step


In this course, we discuss the importance of aligning your mind with that inner fire that's burins on the inside of you. We call it the fire of burden. We partner with you, to help break free from the suggestions of the world and align with the purpose of God for your life. We use our coaching model called, "MV-SOAR" to help you transform your mind so that you can live a purposed life. This course isn't designed to suggest a purpose for you, instead we partner together to discover the purpose of God that was planted inside of you. Before God called the earth into being, He purposed you to move and shake the earth. At the conclusion of this course, our hope is for you to be more empowered and leave with a burning desire to unlock your potential so that you can Move and Soar in purpose. Keep in mind, if you're breathing, you have purpose inside of you! Let's grow together!

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