We are a coaching and mentoring platform for men looking to FIND their identity, EMBRACE power, and WALK in the authority of God.

"The moment you realize you're only a shadow of the Original, you become coachable."

Image was created because of a burden Samuel had for men who struggled with knowing their identity or purpose in the earth. Not in a way that identifies a person as a male or female, but in the image of God, which is the original identity of mankind. 

Our ultimate goal is for our teammates to push past the suggestions of society and heal through the broken spaces so that you can walk in the purposed identity, power, and authority. 

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Our Services 

Image by Clay Banks

Marital Coaching

 The purpose of our Marriage Coaching Program is to coach men on how to navigate brokenness in marriage. 


Life-Purpose Coaching

The purpose of our Life Purpose Coaching Program is to coach men on how to understand the purpose for their life, by aligning with the image of God.


Public Speaking 

Bring us to your next workshop, conference, or marital camp. Please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Navigating Brokenness  in Marriage

In this course, we will explore ways to understand the trauma and brokenness experienced in marriage

1 Lesson 

Duration: 47:00 minutes


IMAGE Action Game Plan (AGP) Course 

In this course, we will challenge your mindset and values, while highlight opportunities using our MV-SOAR Model to create an action game plan for your marriage as well as finding life purpose. 


Duration: 8-Weeks 


Our Popular

We provide self-pace transformational marriage courses as well as life-changing life purpose courses.


Our Simple Process

to Tranformation

We begin our process with a call. This gives us the opportunity to hear the heartbeat of our future teammate. From there we enter on a journey that will bring transformation through a course, challenge, or one on one coaching sessions online and offline. 


Let's get started with a free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about one another and find a safe space that is right for you.

Choose your service

Determine which coaching platform is right for you. 

Join a Course, Class or Challenge

We offer one on one coaching sessions online and in person. We also have eCourses and challenges to enable continual transformation and accountability. 

Become a Lifer

You don't have to leave once your transformation is complete. Instead, we encourage you to join our groups to continue transforming to be[come].