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IMAGEREC Conference  Oct 13th - 14th

I help you understand your life's purpose by embracing your Power, Authority, & Identity in the Image of God.

Coach Sam Tolbert. Learn how to navigate brokennes in marriage. Learn how to align your enire life to the image of God. Revolt World Image. Revolt, Embrace, Change.

"Revolt World Image, Embrace God's Image, Change the World"   -Coach Sam Tolbert

Your Life Has Meaning...

Whether you're looking to find meaning in life or experience healing in your marriage, we partner with you to get the results you desire.

I believe we've all asked the question "what was I put on this earth to do".

And while the world continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, many of us are still living in a place of uncertainty and anxiety.

Our Life Purpose and Marriage Coaching program is designed to help bring clarity to your life and help you align with the Image of God.

Start your journey today....



Our Services 

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Understanding Your Life Purpose 

Identifying Your Values 

Discovering Your Passions

Identifying Your Strengths 

Navigating Brokenness In Marriage

Building Trust In Marriage

Understanding The Root

Creating An Action Game Plan

6 Week Life-Purpose & Marriage Courses $147 ($1997 Value) 


12 Week Life-Purpose & Marriage Coaching Program 
$1997 ($5000 Value)

Life Audit
Mindset Course
Identifying Your Values
Discovering Your Strengths
Identifying Your Opportunities

Understanding Your Emotions
Taking Responsibility
Creating an Action Game Plan

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Weekly Process Check-ins
Accountability Coaching

VIP Access to Conferences
Access to Courses/Webinars

Access to Books/Resources
Access to IMAGE Music
Access to Group Mentoring

IMAGE Nation Community
Starting at $97/month


Marriage Course "Navigating Brokenness  in Marriage"

In this course, we will explore ways to understand the trauma and brokenness experienced in marriage

Duration: 6-Weeks

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Life Purpose Course
"Aligning Your Life to the Image of God"

In this course, we will challenge your mindset and values, while highlight opportunities using our MV-SOAR Model to create an action game plan for your marriage as well as finding life purpose. 

Duration: 6-Weeks


Our Popular

We provide self-pace transformational marriage courses as well as life-changing life purpose courses.


New Book "Loving a Fragile Woman"

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Join our IMAGE Community and become an honorary teammate! Stay updated with news, tips, and plays designed to see you WIN. 

Welcome to the IMAGE Community!

“Finding your IDENTITY, Understanding your POWER, & Walking in AUTHORITY”

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How it Works

Our Simple Process

to Tranformation


Let's get started with a free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about one another and find a safe space that is right for you.

Choose your service

Determine which coaching platform is right for you. 


Join a Course, Class or Challenge

We offer one on one coaching sessions online and in person. We also have eCourses and challenges to enable continual transformation and accountability. 

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You don't have to leave once your transformation is complete. Instead, we encourage you to join our groups to continue transforming to be[come].

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